Our vision is to foster community through coffee

We exist to foster better and more vibrant communities through coffee by partnering with other local businesses, civic leaders, and non-profit organizations that serve people and build stronger relationships. 

We love coffee, but we love community and people more. It's essential to our brand DNA that we not only provide a great coffee experience, and great service, but also facilitate and foster opportunities for community to happen and thrive. Whether it's through events, concerts, conversations, reading and discussion groups, or inspiring and investing in the next generation, we seek to maintain a continued positive impact on the community by listening and responding to the felt needs of our constituents. 

We invite you to come and experience the coffee and community at Foster Coffee Company.

Following is a excerpt from our list of collaborative ventures with other local businesses that create a local and regional ecosystem of sustainable business practices:

Our Collaboration Ventures & Vendors

Our History

Officially founded in 2014 by long-time friends Jonathan Moore and Nicholas Pidek, Foster Coffee Company was birthed by a shared passion for people, community and great craft coffee.  Foster got its start with the duo endlessly experimenting and doing coffee catering at events.  Moore and Pidek eventually opened a hand-built booth at the Downtown Owosso Farmer's Market in the summer of 2015 with the help of a local developer and the support of the community.. Foster initially partnered with nationally recognized roaster MadCap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan for their supply of beans, barista training, and other resources. During the fall of 2015 Jonathan Williams, a native of Texas, visited Owosso and was inspired by the vision of Foster to create better communities, and wanted to expand the original vision. Williams brought his background in coding, analytics, and business to the partnership. In December of 2015, Foster opened its first retail space at 115 South Washington Street in downtown historic Owosso, Michigan where it continues to share the story, experience, education, and enjoyment of coffee while fostering opportunities for people to engage in community.

Housed in a more than century-old historic downtown building that was renovated by Woodworth Commercial to blend modern touches with original brick, hardwood, and reclaimed wood, Foster Coffee Company is a destination location that provides a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy working, reading, thinking, meeting, conversing, and building relationships and community.  

we were born here, but we chose to stay here and build something that will impact our community in a positive way.
— Nicholas Pidek

Foster Coffee Company reflects the ongoing story of three young men, Jonathan Moore, Nicholas Pidek, and Jonathan Williams, who carefully deliberated on making an investment to build and grow in their own communities, rather than taking their vision and business potential out-of-town. The partnership is really like a family. Moore and Pidek are longtime friends and former bandmates in the touring indie rock band sosaveme, and Jonathan Williams married Jon's sister in 2009. Moore is a knowledgeable and passionate barista, Pidek is an experienced business owner and entrepreneur with a degree in business and a background in marketing, and Williams is a successful coder, business owner, and entrepreneur.  Together, these three continue to pursue their passion to grow the company, invest in communities, and make a positive impact toward the transformation of their cities.

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