Seeking Craft Coffee Enthusiasts
& Community Builders

Foster Coffee Company is currently seeking to expand our team of craft coffee enthusiasts and community builders.

Do you like interacting with people? Do you love coffee? Do you consider yourself eager to learn? Do you have a high attention to detail? Do you like working in a fun, yet sometimes challenging environment? You might be the right fit for the Foster culture.  

Food Service Director

Are you passionate about food and skilled in cooking and baking? Join our growing team in developing and overseeing a multi-location food program at Foster Coffee Company. You’ll develop and collaborate on food menu items (made to order & prepared), oversee inventory and supply chain management of ingredients and food related materials, and oversee training of staff (at multiple locations) on preparation and presentation of food.

Roastery - Packaging & Shipments

Join our roastery team in packaging and preparing shipments. Must have the ability to execute our core values, lift and move +75lbs, be detail oriented, and assist the production roaster in fulfilling wholesale orders. Also will include cleaning of the roastery and some deliveries. If you’re looking to learn about roasting or coffee, this is a great place to start. Initially 10-20 hours a week with somewhat flexible hours.

Barista Assistant

Ability to effectively navigate and use point-of-sale software for customer transactions. Requires thorough working knowledge of the Foster coffee menu and how to describe each coffee and it’s characteristics to potential customers. Assist baristas with coffee preparation, fill supplies, clean, wash dishes, and other shop duties.


Effectively prepare, brew, and serve espresso, espresso based drinks, pour over coffee, and coffee based drinks. Requires thorough working knowledge of the Foster coffee menu and how to describe each coffee and it’s characteristics. Ability to determine negative and positive aspects of brewed coffee and espresso in order to make adjustments in the brewing process and make recommendations to improve the final outcome of coffee taste. Ability to effectively navigate and use point-of-sale software for customer transactions. Assist other baristas with coffee preparation, fill supplies, clean, wash dishes, and other shop duties.


Before you click apply below, please read through the attributes and characteristics of the Foster culture. We know it's a lot to read, but consider it a way to get to know us as we get to know you. If you see yourself as a good fit at Foster, we'd love to hear from you.

Excellent people skills

We love coffee, but people matter most. Brewing craft coffee is not a fast-as-possible atmosphere, it’s a more meticulous process that requires attention to detail while interacting with people through conversation. Our vision is to foster community through coffee which requires putting people first. Any retail and food service job requires people skills, but interacting with people is something we focus on at Foster. You will have to demonstrate you work well with other team members and are able to interact with customers under many different circumstances.


It’s an important skill in life to take personal responsibility for your actions, choices, job, and relationships. At Foster, we function as a team and the strength of the team is dependent on the individual members taking responsibility for how they “show up” and take ownership of accomplishing our mission. Our team relies heavily on each person growing in their personal performance as a contributing member of the team. We ask of everyone on our team to consistently take an honest look at their own culpability in how they show up, so we can all grow together as a team.

Working Well Under Pressure

At Foster, there is always something to do. During peak customer times with long lines, the pressure to make excellent coffee combined with the demand to be efficient and productive will put a demand on all team members. It’s important to function together and remain focused while positively interacting with one another and customers. The primary focus of all team members is for the customer to have a great experience at Foster no matter the day or circumstance, this requires team members to remain positive and focused under pressure. We get that life happens and outside circumstances affect everyone on the job, but you must demonstrate the ability to work well under pressure and put the customer first above your own feelings and circumstances.


The expectation of our culture is that we all continue to learn and grow. No employer can force you to learn on your own time, but if you don’t have a genuine desire to keep learning about coffee, hospitality, and community, the culture at Foster isn’t suited for you. We are not looking for people who just want to clock in and out, we’re looking for team members who have a desire to learn and foster better coffee and community. If you’re not into studying to pass certifications and grow to Foster, this job isn’t for you.

Ability to Take Constructive Criticism, Improve, and Excel

Foster has a training program that requires a deep level of commitment to learning and constantly refining the coffee brewing process. Along with receiving craft coffee training, you will be periodically monitored on your brewing performance and required to meet standard levels consistent with excellent craft coffee. At Foster, we don’t believe there is a “once trained, always the same level of performance”, we believe excellent craft coffee comes from learning, training, refining, testing, and experimenting. If you don't take positive and constructive criticism well you might not be suited for the culture at Foster. 

Desire to serve others

Service of others isn’t a skill, it’s a characteristic. At Foster, we serve people and each other. There is no task at Foster that is beneath any team member, manager, or owner-- everyone must work together and be willing to serve one another and the customer.  You must demonstrate you are willing to serve others, co-workers, customers, and constituents alike.

Ability To Work on a Team

Foster is a community of people who have a passion for craft coffee. It takes a team to run a coffee business and we view each ‘employee’ as a member of a team that helps make Foster possible every day. When one person is missing or not performing to their ability, or when one person is having a bad day, we all feel it. Each team member works with the realization that their actions affect someone else. You must demonstrate your ability to work with others on a team, problem solve together, and consistently communicate with respect.


Due to the nature of the knowledge and training involved to work in a craft coffee shop, Foster looks for individuals who are interested in more than a seasonal job. We’re not expecting every person who works with Foster to make us their ultimate career goal, but a desire to work in the coffee industry is a huge plus. If you’re looking for a short-term temporary job and something that doesn't require much work, Foster isn’t the right fit for you. We will provide you with on-going training and help you feel at home in the Foster culture, so we do expect a reasonable commitment in return. No matter your life plans, we’re committed to seeing each person reach their full potential in life and discovering how Foster may be part of that journey. It’s important for us to discuss how Foster may fit into your life now and in the future.